Client: Ethos World Brands
Agency: David Farley
Scope: Brand development (logo, print, website, social media, photography)

Ethos World Brands consists of several different business entities, including Ethos Guitar Straps (the primary business at this time), Ethos Boots, Ethos Publishing, Ethos Films and Ethos Media. They needed one brand system to serve all of their different ventures, which would present a cohesive visual brand, recognizable throughout. 
THE MARK (or logotype as it ended up being) needed to be 100% unique, so it was drawn by hand. The shape of the "E" abstractly represents the concept of "worldwide" as well as making the basic shape of an acoustic guitar.
THE BRAND SYSTEM allows for all of the various corporate entities, and is guaranteed to represent cohesively throughout.
THE VERTICAL LOCK-UP below, with the box encapsulating the mark, shows the versatility of the brand system. Either iteration of the logo can be used without losing brand equity.

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