Client: 10-33 Foundation
Agency: David Farley
Scope: Visual brand development (logo, print, online, promotionals, etc.)

10-33 is "10-code" used by First Responders to communicate that something is wrong. The 10-33 Foundation helps all First Responders face the extreme stresses on the individual and their families.
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They provide assistance through education and crisis intervention services to help these professionals pursue healthier living, stronger families and marriages, and successful careers — military, police, corrections, fire and medical. 
In addition to redesigning the logo, I refined their positioning statement to "Restoring Hope. Rebuilding Resilience". The visual treatment has Resilience is emerging.
BELOW: Identity collateral (business cards, letterhead, etc.)
I organized and streamlined the website sitemap based on hierarchy of importance. 

"Prevention, Intervention and Post-vention" are primary services, thus they received more visibilty than in previous iterations. Other pages now have a cohesive naming conventions, and are well organized. The messaging is clear, concise and on-point with the brand.
BELOW: Staff apparel and promotional items

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